Credit Card Purchase

Credit Card Purchase

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This is a Bitcoin purchase to be made with a Visa or Mastercard, that can be either Debit or Credit. We also accept non-reloadable prepaid cards such as OneVanillas. OneVanillas usually require the customer to call and provide a zip code to activate the card.

1. Click "Account" and create an account.
2. Click "Verify me" above, and complete the identity verification process with a government-issued identification.
3. Click "Help" on the bottom right. Attach the same photo ID from Step 1. Attach photo showing your full face and full credit card.
4. Purchasing using verified card, and include your bitcoin wallet ID in "your cart" notes. 

Blurry pictures will need to be retaken and will delay the order process time.
No New York customers. No Reloadables. No American Express. No Refunds.
Maximum Daily Purchase: $500 USD / EUR