Bank Wire Purchase (USD/EUR)

This is a Bitcoin purchase to be made with US or European Personal Bank account. No business accounts.

1. Click "Account" and create an account.
2. Click "Verify me" above, and complete the identity verification process with a government-issued identification.
3. Initiate a bank wire transfer from your bank.
4. Submit your bitcoin wallet ID in the form below.

This deposit-only account, only accepts SAME-DAY WIRE TRANSFERS.
Maximum Daily Purchase: $2,500 USD/EUR
No New York Customers.
Do not purchase without ID verification.
No New York Customers. No Refunds.

Beneficiary Name: Vendency
Beneficiary Address: 2301 N Henderson Ste 1401, Dallas, TX 75206

Bank Name: 
Bank Address: 

Routing Number: 
Account Number: 

Memo: (Drivers License/Passport #)